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Non-Alcoholic Bar

Are you Sober Curious? 

Join The Sober Movement with us! 

We are a DRY bar with Mocktails, Non-alcoholic, or Alcohol-free drinks – whatever you want to call them. Unimpaired has created a full-drink menu based on the timely classics you would find at any traditional bar. 

We also serve up some of the best pizza around. With options like cauliflower crust or Mac n’ Cheese pizza, certainly our menu has something for everyone. When you stop in play some darts, shoot some pool, and after that check out some of our famous #SoberAf merch!

Non-Alcoholic Bar

The nation’s first Non-Alcoholic bar franchise!

Non-Alcoholic Bar
Non-Alcoholic bar!? That is right! We are the nation’s first full-service bar that only serves drinks that are free of any alcohol.
We have all the amenities of a standard bar – pool table, jukebox, bartenders, darts, bands, karaoke, trivia, you name it and we have it! Drinks? Of course! We have meticulously crafted cocktails served up by our bartenders. The catch? All drinks are alcohol free! Hence, Non-Alcoholic bar!
We have created an environment to enjoy a drink and relax, dance, sing and socialize. Where anyone can come and enjoy. Does that mean we’re against alcohol? Heck No! At Unimpaired (UIP), we simply created a space where you can have fun, but not at the expense of your health if you so choose. A place where you don’t have to feel pressured to consume alcohol, or looked at funny for ordering something alcohol free.
UIP is a place where you can enjoy the nightlife, without the hangover the next day. This is still a place for all – we are not against alcohol, but want to create a space where sober people can celebrate, host events, and have fun!
Non-Alcoholic Bar