Introducing the Quad Cities first dry bar! Now you're full of questions, so let me explain! We have all the amenities of a standard bar, pool table, jukebox, bartenders, darts, bands, karaoke, trivia. You name it and we have it! Drinks? Of course! We have meticulously crafted cocktails served up by our bartenders.

The catch? All drinks are non-alcoholic! Ok, now that I have your attention, you're probably thinking we serve a bunch of fruity childish drinks, right? Wrong! While we will have an array of fresh fruit-filled concoctions, we will also be pouring up some of your favorites. Gin&Tonic, Captain&Coke, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Tequila Sunrises, Margaritas. You name it and we have it. All poured with non-alcoholic substitutes. Yes, they make those! Companies like Seedlip, Stryyk, Lyres and Arkay have zeroed in on this ever-growing trend and have successfully made a spot on substitutes for your favorite alcohol.

What we have created is an environment, one to enjoy a drink and relax, dance, sing, and socialize. One where anyone can come and enjoy. Does that mean we're against alcohol? Heck No! Head next door to Kilkenny's or down the street to The Office for a shot if you'd like!

At Unimpaired (UIP), we simply created a space where you can have fun, but not at the expense of your health if you so choose. A place where you don't have to feel pressured to consume alcohol, or looked at funny for ordering something non-alcoholic. UIP is simply a place where you can enjoy the nightlife without the hangover the next day. Fun times that aren't foggy and you will make memories you will remember forever.

Meet Us

Amber Haines

Operation Co-Founder

Jim Thomson

Fiscal Co-Founder